Sear Steaks With A Coating Of Mayonnaise

April 24, 2019

© Ppy2010ha | Dreamstime

Mayonnaise is a funny condiment. There are those who adore it and others who can't stand it.  But even those in love with it find it hard to fathom to use it in the cooking process of a steak.  Believe it or not, there are fans of using mayonnaise in the searing process of cooking steak, who swear there is no taste of mayo in your beef or salmon.  As your pan is heating up to a high temperature needed to sear meat, scoop out a small spoon-size glob of mayonnaise. Apply it sparingly across your beef or salmon steak; almost translucent, with a pastry brush. Then season it as you normally would. The beauty of mayonnaise is its ingredients. Oil, egg and sugar. The sugar and egg give your coated steak a nice brown and crunch exterior while the oil helps in the cooking process.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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