Make Money For Selling Your Own Online Usage Data

February 4, 2019

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Facebook, Google and a slew of web sites have been profiting off of selling your personal data.  While some see this as an invasion of privacy, many are not too concern, at least not enough to ditch online platforms.  But why should these companies make a dollar off of your info when you can sell it yourself! That's the business models of, a personal data security platform which allows you to sell your own data for market research. Considering the personal data market research industry spends around $50 billion annually to find out which ads you click and what web sites you visit, you should profit! Users can share data about their purchases, financial transactions, entertainment preferences, social media accounts, medical history, wearables, and other sources. The program anonymously assembles your data and sells it to companies interested in it. The company will pay users in online "tokens" redeemable for cash after a small transaction fee. The mowing may not be a lot but it will be yours from selling your own data.  If interested, you must use the apps for Android and Apple.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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