Weighted Blankets For Anxiety-Prone Dogs

December 12, 2018

© Fesus Robert | Dreamstime

Anxiety affects cats and dogs.  From fireworks to the vacuum and the mere act of you leaving your home, they cause your dog to bark constantly or become destructive. If your pet has ever expressed signs of anxiety, you might want to look into this weighted blanket for dogs! Yes, this really exists and it is meant for anxious dogs. Weighted blankets have been around for people for quite some time, now this alternative way of combating anxiety and other sensory disorders can be used for your dog.  The Canine Coddler is the first weighted blanket designed for dogs and is intended to be warm and to provide gentle pressure to a dog, mimicking the feeling of being held. The sensation will have a positive effect on dog's moods while reducing stress and anxiety. The weighted blanket comes in two weights: 5 pounds for small to medium-size dogs and 7 pounds for large dogs. Both blankets measure to 36" x 48", with a machine washable cover and sell from $80 to $130. Pre-order now with deliveries set for the end of the year.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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