Company Creates Human-Size Mask Of Your Pet

March 7, 2019

We love our pets and for some there is no limit on how we express this love.  Perhaps the creepiest way to show love is to get a human-size make of your pet!  A Japanese company has started making masks that are uncomfortably realistic and mirror your cat or dog’s face. The "My Family" line of masks starts easily enough with you sending them a picture that perfectly resembles your pet’s face. From there the company quickly constructs a human mask using 3D printer technology. In a few weeks you'll receive your new mask with incredibly accurate details.  Slip it on your head and you are ready for a bestie selfie with your pet! But it’s not just pets they do, they also offer pretty realistic orangutan, demon, and rhino masks. However as with pet ownership, it isn't cheap. Just one "My Family" pet mask will set you back nearly $2,700.

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