Pawternity Leave Is A Thing

June 20, 2019


In today's job market, perks make a difference!  Many companies offer bonuses, moving expenses and at-work massages to entice potential employees in a tight job market.  While traditional perks can still seal the deal, some employers are tapping into our live of pets and offering pet paternal leave. Known as "paw"ternity leave, it is similar to maternity leave and paternity leave in the sense that it offers you paid time off to bond with your new pet.  When you bring home a new pet, you want to do everything in your power to help them adjust to their new settings and leaving them by themselves for eight hours a day right away is not easy. Taking time off isn’t always an option and not everyone is keen on using up all of their vacation days at once. That's why pawternity leave makes the decision much easier. While it may not be mainstream, considering not every company offers paid maternity and parental leave, it is a step in the right way and a game-changer if you are deciding between various job offers.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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