You Should Doing This Before Flushing Your Toilet

September 11, 2018

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The big issue with the bathroom for years was to get everyone to wash their hands after using the facilities. However one area has been overshadowed and can render your recently washed hands completely filthy.  After you've finished and before you flush, close the toilet lid. When you flush, the water in the toilet bowl mixes with whatever is in the toilet bowl. As the water enters and begins to swirl the waste down the drain, tiny particles of this mixture are emitted into the air. This is known as toilet plume and it can reach as high as 15 feet and settle all over your bathroom to cover the sink, shower, soap, toothbrush and makeup. Not only is toilet plume gross, it can be bad for your health as the droplets could contain traces of harmful bacteria that can live for months on surfaces of your bathroom.  Thankfully, there is an easily way to prevent this toilet plume from spreading germs in your bathroom.  Close your toilet lid before flushing and as an added measure, make sure your cups, toothbrushes and anything that comes in contact with your mouth or nose are not out without cover on your counter.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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