Tips On Cleaning Wine Glasses

November 13, 2020

Even if you’re a casual wine you probably know there’s a certain level of care required for properly cleaning and maintaining your wine glasses. There actually are a few important steps you should be following to ensure your stemware remains as sparkling, intact, and ready for use as the day you bought it. Here are some stemware care tips that people usually get wrong. You might have the idea that you should never place those delicate glasses in the dishwasher. But a dishwasher is actually the best way to avoid the common breakages that occur. It’s always safest to wash wine glasses on their own, separate from other dishes and flatware, as this eliminates the risk of other objects falling and cracking a glass. If you must clean them with other kitchen items, he notes, situate them so that they’re not touching anything else and don’t interfere with the spray arms. If you’re handwashing, use a cloth, not a sponge as it can harm the glass. Many people make the mistake of holding glasses incorrectly when cleaning, which can cause the stem to snap. Make sure you never hold the bowl and the base at the same time so that you’re not placing unwanted pressure on that delicate stem area. Focus on cleaning the rim and the outside of the glass, because rarely does the bowl get dirty. Though if you do want to target the inside, just swirl a little warm water and dish detergent and rinse well. Its fine to air dry your glasses, make sure to avoid placing them upside down on a metal or wood rack because this can chip the rims. Use a tea towel between the glass and the rack for protection. While air drying your glasses on top of a tea towel on a rack (or even just your counter) won’t harm them, it does increase the risk of water spots forming. So dry your stemware immediately by hand after washing rather than just letting it drip dry itself.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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