Spring Cleaning Should Include The Walls

April 13, 2020

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Spring cleaning has a different meaning in the year of coronavirus and the one area of your home you've probably missed in cleaning is big one!  When was the last time you cleaned your walls? Walls are vertical and usually out of reach from fingerprints, so you wouldn’t expect them to collect dust and smudges. But they do. To get started, remove artwork or anything that’s easy to take down from the wall you are about to clean. To dislodge dust from the walls, drape a cloth over the bristled end of a broom, and simply wipe the walls from top to bottom until you’ve covered the whole surface. You can also just do this by hand with a clean cloth or hand duster. Next, dust the baseboards. You can use a cloth for this. A foam craft brush works really well too, especially on intricate molding. You’ll want to spot-clean any spots on your walls. You can do this with a cloth and cleaning solution: try soapy water, a mix of water and vinegar, or commercial all-purpose cleaner. If you can, crack open the windows or turn on a fan to help your wet areas dry quickly. If dusting and cleaning every wall in every room feels overwhelming, it’s ok to limit your efforts today to just the room you spend the most time in. Or skip the dusting part, and just do a walk through and spot-clean any smudgy areas you see.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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