Use White Vinegar To Clean Your Water Faucet

January 8, 2020

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We have learned that one of the best cleaning agents in your home is white vinegar.  A vinegar solution is a great (and cost-effective!) way to clean everything from floors, counters, and windows to dishes, glasses, and even your microwave. However there is one thing you should do every time you buy a new bottle. By the time you grab a fresh bottle (a month of two) it will probably be time to take care of an important kitchen chore you’ve been neglecting: de-gunking your faucet of hard-water deposits! Your kitchen faucet is where you get water for washing your dishes, produce, and hands. And for most people, it’s also a source of drinking water. If you don’t regularly clean your kitchen faucet, there could be calcium deposits from hard water, or even mold or mildew. Vinegar is a simple and effective method for taking care of the gunk building up in your faucet. Just grab a plastic baggie, fill it about halfway with distilled white vinegar, and pull the baggie up and over the faucet head so that the head is totally immersed in the vinegar. Then use a rubber band or elastic tie to secure the bag in place so that the faucet can soak for 20 to 30 minutes. After the timer’s gone off, remove the bag and use a dish brush and water to remove any remaining gunk. Do this about once a month or every six weeks and you’ll have a nice, clean faucet.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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