Government Says Asbestos Found In Some Claire's Makeup Products

March 6, 2019

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An alarming warning for parents issued about certain Claire's cosmetics that target girls and young women. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says certain eyeshadows, compact powders and contour palettes have tested positive for asbestos. In particular Claire’s Eye Shadows (Batch/Lot No.: 08/17), Claire’s Compact Powder (Batch/Lot No.: 07/15) and Claire’s Contour Palette (Batch/Lot No: 04/17). Claire's says they've remove the three products from store shelves as well as all remaining talc-based cosmetics, but also state the government's test results have incorrectly identified fibers in its products as asbestos and is refusing to recall the products. A Claire's spokesperson said the company tried to explain the issue to the FDA, but the agency issued its warning anyway. This isn't the first time Claire's has pulled products from store shelves for asbestos. In December of 2017 Claire's glitter makeup kits were removed after testing found cancer-causing minerals causing a recall. The FDA says anyone who have these batches/lots of Claire’s Eye Shadow, Compact Powder, and Contour in their home should stop using them. The agency said it was not aware of anyone being sickened by the makeup. Currently cosmetics do not have to be reviewed or approved by the FDA. However the FDA says it plans to collect information on how companies ensure the talc they use is free from asbestos. The FDA also asked companies to register their products and ingredient lists on its website, but noted that doing so is not required.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail & Associated Press

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