Library Chrome Extension Alerts You If A Book You Are About To Buy Is Available For Check Out For Free

May 14, 2019

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Why buy books when you can check them out for free at the local library?  Well conveyance is one of the reasons people spend cash for something they can get for free.  Mainly is the convenience of finding the book instantly on a website your comfortable navigating.  So you might want to add Library Extension to your Google Chrome Internet browser.  As you search for books you want to read, if it is available at the public library, it all alert you!  The extension has been available for Amazon for a bit now, but has expanded support over the years to additional spots as well. Library information is provided right on the page, saving you the trouble of pulling up your library’s dedicated site to get the same information. The extension currently works with 4,000 libraries around the world, including all public libraries in Florida.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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