Some Decorating Tips For Your Christmas Tree

December 4, 2019

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When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, there can be a fine line between festive and frightening, so says one professional tree decorator. So, to help your tree stand out for all the right reasons this year, here is what you need to know. Adding tinsel to the Christmas tree can make for a pretty finishing touch, however, it pays not to go overboard. It tends to be attention-seeking and makes the process of carefully curating your ornaments almost futile. So either use the decoration very sparingly or go entirely tinsel-free as a way of allowing other ornaments 'to shine'. Take it easy with color. Too many different colors can cheapen the look, so take some time to decide on your color theme. Avoid using cheap hooks. Skip the plastic hooks and go for the wire kind, so you can 'mold' decorations onto branches. Speaking of plastic, say no to cheap plastic baubles. There is no need to splash extra cash on buying expensive baubles, although if you want these to last consider those made from fabric or a material that's more hardy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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