Stuff Is Cheaper When You Buy It Under A Different Name

November 20, 2018

© Teerawat Winyarat | Dreamstime

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet and products are cheaper when you call it something else.  You'd be amazed at products that do the same thing but because they're called something different, the price drastically changes.  For instance, disposable changing pads for infants are a godsend when it time to change a diaper when out.  While a 10-pack costs around $8, a 50-pack of puppy training pads costs $9.50. Considering they basically do the same thing, you're saving money. Thinking of buying a set of heat resistant grilling gloves for those summer BBQs, reach for a pair of welding gloves, which will allow you to do the same job but welding gloves are generally cheaper in price and better in durability. But savings can go beyond names.  Spelling can save you money too.  Common misspellings often go under the radar on eBay. So when searching for items, try searching common mis-spellings.  Chances are there will be little to no bids of items.  For instance replace the first K in kayak with C. You'd be surprised what you'd find!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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