Charmin's Forever Roll Hopes Millennials Flock Towards A Roll You Change One A Month

June 12, 2019

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It’s hard to reinvent toilet paper. Beyond strength and softness there little to improve. So it was a bold move for Charmin to create its massive Charmin Forever Roll.  Each roll measures between 8.7 inches and a foot in diameter, the larger more than twice the dimensions of a standard 5-inch roll. While you may think it was created to prevent you from tugging the final three squares off a roll or prevent a new roll from sitting on top of the empty spool, the Charmin Forever Roll is targeted towards Millennials. The idea, according to Charmin, is to eliminate the need for consumers to store extra rolls. Since many Millennials tend to live with many roommates or in smaller homes, storage space is a premium. Although people would no longer need to stockpile rolls, the Forever roll is so large that it won’t fit on a conventional wall-mounted toilet paper dispenser. Charmin offers a stainless-steel freestanding apparatus or wall brackets to accommodate the rolls. Those kits average $29. As for the rolls themselves: There’s a price for convenience. The 12-inch roll retailing for $9.99 comes out to 58 cents per 100 sheets, while their smaller Mega rolls average 34 or 35 cents per 100 sheets. This hybrid of practicality and viral marketing is currently only available on the Charmin website.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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