These Old VHS Tapes Are Worth Big Bucks

March 22, 2019

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It sounds crazy that outdated technology is worth more than the latest electronic gadgets but lurking in your closet, attic or garage could be worth it if you happen to have some old VHS video tapes.  While we search online for movies, nostalgic fans are dropping big cash for vintage VHS tapes you may have. VHS aficionados are looking for obscure horror, kids’ content, and genre material that never got a DVD release. The Disney Channel preschool series, Out Of The Box, that aired from 1998 to 2004 recently fetched over $200. The 1981 B-rated horror film, The Prowler is a textbook case of an obscure movie with a cult following. A collector recently paid over $300 for an original VHS copy of the movie. Children of the 90s and Y2K know about Barney. The purple dinosaur appeared in a long list of VHS releases and a few of them seem to hold particular appeal for fans owing to their rarity. A copy of Barney’s First Adventures sold for $300, while the singalong Waiting for Santa netted $125 and Barney’s Rockin’ Rhyme Time finished with $200. Pro wrestling tapes from the 80s are also big business. A VHS copy of Wrestlemania III sold for $190. Star Wars fans were beyond upset when George Lucas decided to update the original 1977 movie with updated graphics, sounds effects and scenes. So having an original early 80s VHS version of the unaltered Star Wars movie can bring you up to $100 online.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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