Warning Issued To Not Kiss Hedgehogs

January 28, 2019

ID 9054886 © Anna Utekhina | Dreamstime.com

It’s not every day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues an advisory about pet hedgehogs, but here we are. Friday, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) said it was investigating a salmonella outbreak that it believes may be from handling and kissing adorable hedgehogs. Eleven people across eight states have fallen ill after coming into contact with a pet hedgehog, with one individual reportedly hospitalized. Salmonella is an extremely nasty infection that can cause diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramping, and in some extreme cases death. The bacteria typically live in animal and human intestines and are shed through their "leavings." The CDC advises that pet owners of rodents like hedgehogs always wash their hands after handling or tending to the animal, as well as avoid letting them roam free in the house or eating and drinking around them. This isn’t the first time a warning has been issued to not hold and kiss animals. Previous warnings against handling and kissing chickens and turtles during Salmonella outbreaks. The CDC also advises against kissing and snuggling these pets in general, not just during an outbreak.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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