These Categories Sell Best on eBay

March 27, 2019

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A great place to buy and sell stuff is eBay but eBay isn't right for all things to buy and sell. In fact some categories do better than others.  According to eBay sales data, these are the top six categories for making big bucks. Collectable cards, comic books, watches, designed handbags, luxury cars and LEGOs! Collectible cards are some of the most valuable items on the site, with 500 cards earning sellers $10,000 or more since September 2018. There's a high demand for comic books with the Superman's inaugural comic Action Comics #1 sold for a record-breaking $3.2 million six years ago. Second-hand luxury items are also worth a small fortune on eBay. A watch is purchased every 5 seconds on the website, and some are auctioned off for over half a million dollars. Handbags from designer brands are also sought after, with one Hermes Birkin bag selling for $88,000 in 2017. Some of the more odd items are limited-edition, luxury cars with a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce selling for $499,900 in 2018.  Finally rare LEGO sets around the house, they could be worth upwards of $10,000.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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