Canned Cranberry Sauce Deemed Least-Liked Thanksgiving Food

November 26, 2019
canned cranberry sauce

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When it comes to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, stuffing, pumpkin pie and some sort of casserole are essential.  On that list is cranberry sauce. Come to find out, that sticky jelly substance that is shaped like the can it came from, is not very well liked. A recent poll of 2000 adults found 46% think canned cranberry sauce is “disgusting.”  Ironically more than 50% shoppers buy the canned goo instead of fresh cranberries. The “ew” factor doesn’t seem to deter everyone from serving it up sliced, either: 31% of people surveyed don’t mash up their canned cranberry sauce before giving it to their hungry guests. Another survey found only 3% of participants named cranberry sauce as their favorite Thanksgiving dish, compared to 39% of people who say turkey is king and 23% who prefer to stuff themselves with stuffing. While this doesn’t necessarily prove that anybody hates cranberry sauce, it does imply that very few people consider it the crowning jewel of the meal. So if people don’t seem to like cranberry sauce, especially the canned variety, why have it at all? 29% say it is because of tradition.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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