Heartbroken Man Set To Open Gift Ex-Girlfriend Gave Him 48 Years Ago

November 21, 2018


Breaking up is never an easy moment of one's life, especially when it's around Christmas.  Back in 1970, Adrian Pearce was a senior in high school and was looking forward to enjoying his final Christmas before graduation.  However his girlfriend, Vicki; his first serious girlfriend, lowered the boom as he handed him a Christmas gift that she wanted to see other people, almost simultaneously. That was that. Adrian says it was a long and hard walk home as he was upset, sad and all the emotions that consume you when someone breaks up with you.  Upon arriving home, he placed the wrapped Christmas gift under the tree and there it sat until Christmas morning.  All the presents had been unwrapped except one, the one his now ex-girlfriend gave him. Adrian told his family that he would never open the present and he never did. Time moves on and even after Adrian fell in love with his current wife and started a family, the gift wrapped in shiny blue paper remains unwrapped. Last Christmas, after 47 years, his story went viral and thanks to the Internet, long lost Vicki found out about it and reached out to Adrian.  She admitted the reason she broke up with him and honestly could not remember what was wrapped inside.  Because the story went worldwide and now that it's 48 years later, Adrian has invited Vicki to an unwrapping party on December 6th at a local boutique in his current home of Edmonton, Canada and invited his former girlfriend to attend. If Vicki shows up, she will actually open the gift. Otherwise Adrian vows to keep the box sealed.

SOURCE: Newser & CBC

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