Camp YouTube Offers Thousands of Free Virtual Summer Camps

July 2, 2020

Its summer and the kids are spending a lot of time online; perhaps watching YouTube videos.  Well these set of videos may be just what you'd want them to watch.  The online video-sharing platform has created “Camp YouTube.” There are lots of virtual camps out there to choose from this summer, but this one that may hold kids’ attention longer than most. It features more than 1,200 videos from more than 40 different creators across categories that include STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), arts, sports and adventure. They can develop musical skills through a 10-day beginner guitar course, learn how to build robots of any shape and any size and even do some basic training drills with Jr. NBA’s Beginner Training series featuring the Sacramento Kings’ Richaun Holmes, the Chicago Bulls’ Coby White and the Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson. Content across the four main categories is refreshed each day. There is also a “break time” section that features recipes, crafts, virtual field trips to explore and “campfire talks” about race and discrimination.

SOURCE: Offspring

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