The Busiest Day For Online Dating Is Almost Here

December 12, 2018

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If you’re hoping to meet someone new in 2019, mark your calendars for Sunday, Jan. 6. That’s the first Sunday after the New Year.  It's the day when dating sites say they see a peak in new singles logging on and looking for dates. predicts there will be a 69% spike in new singles coming to the app on the first Sunday of the New Year. Why is this day so popular? For one, Sundays are a particularly popular day for online dating. People actually having time to sit down and catch up on their lives on Sunday and the day tends to be a great way to plan the week ahead when it comes to potential dates. Another reason for a first Sunday spike is it's the start of a fresh year symbolizes new beginnings, and singles may be feeling particularly excited and hopeful about the future. While finding love is high on many people’s lists, be prepared for the cost of nearly $1,600 on dating every year, including everything from coffee to cocktails to food to clothing.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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