Burger King To Sell Hamburgers That Causes Nightmares!

October 18, 2018

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A hamburger that is "clinically proven to cause nightmares" doesn't sound like a good marketing statement, but that is exactly how Burger King is describing its Halloween "Nightmare King" which will launch next week. It's a quarter-pound beef burger topped with chicken, cheese, bacon, onions, and mayo, on a green sesame seed bun. Burger King says that in working with a sleep diagnostic center, they were able to track various signals from 100 sleeping subjects over ten days which included their heart rate, brain activity and breath. They were able to identify whether a person had a vivid dream or not. The lead doctor in the study says around 4% of people experience nightmares every night. But that number increased 3.5 times in those who ate Burger King's Nightmare King.  Apparently the unique combination of proteins and cheese in the Nightmare King led to an interruption of the subjects REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles, during which we experience the majority of our dreams. The Nightmare King will be available in participating Burger King® restaurants for a limited time beginning October 22 (Monday) at a recommended price of $6.39.

SOURCE: Business Wire

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