Phone Repairman Bribed To Say Cheater's Phone Unfixable

October 29, 2020



How far would you go to keep your spouse from looking at your phone's call history?  According to a iPhone repair technician, one man resorted to bribery, asking him to deem his iPhone unfixable to hide his infidelity. In a story that is making the social media circuit, the repairman as put in an awkward position when he opened up an iPhone that had been dropped off for repairs by a husband and wife.  Once be opened up the back of the phone, he was surprised to see a note and $100 bill.  The note read, "Please tell my wife that phone is unfixable, she wants to check the call history, $100 is yours. Thanks." The repairman clearly felt uncomfortable to be put in that position, knowing he couple would return to claim the phone. So when the wife returned the next day to pick up the phone, he decided to tell her the truth, explaining that he didn't fix it and showing her the note and money inside. The wife became furious in the online video, and can be heard off camera complaining about her presumably unfaithful husband: 'He think he so f***king slick!' She went on to offer the repairman $200 to fix the phone, who politely declined the offer, stating he would repair the phone but preferred to stay out of the couple's business. Later, the husband came back asking for his phone, and the man told him that his wife had been by to pick it up, at which point the husband became furious, picked up the plastic sneeze guard and threw it at him.  In a follow up video posted online, many questioned him as to why he didn't follow the 'bro code' and kept the secret. He silenced critics by stating he was raised to be respectful and honest. His last comment on the matter sums it up, "One more thing, boy code is for kids! I'm a grown man! I'm not waiting for a 12 yr old boy to tell me about a guy code!"

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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