Flight Booking Hack That Could Save You Upwards of A Hundred Dollars

April 25, 2019

One of the biggest vacation costs is the trip itself. Getting to your destination and returning home can eat a big portion of your vacation budget. Although there are many ways you can cut those costs down, such as buying airline tickets two to three weeks before you travel to opting for earlier morning flights. But there is another way you could save money too and that's by purchase two one-way tickets.  When beginning your online search for flights, by default we search for round-trip flights and the airlines know this.  However some research found that if you book a one-way ticket to your destination and a separate one-way ticket home, these so-called "hacker fares" will be 11% of the time and averaging around 10% cheaper.  If you're planning an international trip those savings can be upward of nearly 15%. While the savings may not seem too significant to bother with extra search time for flights, purchasing separate tickets can offer you much more flexibility. And if you need to change the dates of your travel, again having separate one-way tickets can save you money.  For example, you buy a $300 round-trip flight and then need to change the first flight, you’ll incur the $200 change fee no matter what, since missing the first flight will cancel out the return. However, if you instead booked two $150 one-way fares, you could simply discard the first flight and purchase a new one-way ticket with the same airline, with another carrier, or as an award ticket, sacrificing only what you already paid for the first flight. In any case, it may not be such a bad idea to search one-way flights for your next business trip or vacation.

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SOURCE: MarketWatch & The Points Guy

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