There's A Bob Ross Breakfast Cereal

April 18, 2019

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Although painter Bob Ross passed away 24 years ago, his popularity has continues to grow thanks, in part, to YouTube. The Emmy award-winning The Joy of Painting series has been viewed millions of times which has led to a slew of Bob Ross related items including a breakfast cereal. Bob Ross's sunny disposition is the perfect match for a box of Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal. It's loaded with toasted oat bites and colorful marshmallows shapes. There are seven distinct marshmallow pieces: happy little trees, happy little accidents, almighty mountains, guiding stars, rainbow hearts, charming little cabins and lovely little bushes. While starting your day with a bowl of Bob Ross cereal, you can further awaken your artistic side by looking at the back of the box. The package features a cutout “positivity paint palate” with inspirational quotes from the painter. Bob Ross: The Joy of Cereal is now available online for $10 a box.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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