Welcome To The Age Of Biz-Leisure Fashion

June 12, 2020

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One of the unexpected effects of being at home all day, working from home, not working, worrying about not working and caring for children all day is that the coronavirus pandemic has created a new fashion sense. Move over, athleisure; welcome, biz-leisure. Thanks to video conferencing and social media, wearing sweatpants with a blazer, track pants and a button-down and running shorts with a men's jacket are totally acceptable. The blossoming fashion genre is still finding its footing, but biz-leisure has been born out of necessity, a place where people want to embrace comfort while they’re home all day but not lose a tacit feeling of stylishness. Just as athleisure was born out women desiring to still look cool as they went from yoga to brunch to shopping, so, too, biz-leisure has sprouted from an organic place.

Quarantine really makes you think about how you’re using your time. I used to say I didn’t have enough time to work-out, as I travel a lot and lack routine because of work events and dinners. But the first few weeks in self-isolation I suddenly had all the time in the world but still didn’t do anything. Trying to change my habits and be active every other day. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve been keeping my promise. Some days I run (just one lap if I’m tired or three if I feel good), other days I go for a long walk and there’s the occasional 10 minutes abs work-out. What really helps is wearing work-out gear that is so comfortable it’s like Cheer-worthy mat talk in itself @filippak_softsport /partner

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