Keep Your Sponges Fresher Longer By Using A Binder Clip

December 10, 2019

© Valentin Balan | Dreamstime


Kitchen sponges are notorious for turning nasty relatively quickly. Sponges, which are filled with tons of pores, can collect grossness and gunk from your dishes and flatware. That gunk plus moisture equals bacteria and mildew. Before you know it, your sponge is nasty. While you’ve probably heard by now that you need to replace your sponge on a very regular basis (about one-two weeks), there is something you can do to help extend the life of your sponge. To keep your sponges fresh on the cheap, all you need is one simple office supply you probably already have in your house: a binder clip! Grab a medium-to-large binder clip and when you're done with the latest round of dishes, give the sponge a rinse and wring it out and then put the binder clip onto one end of the sponge. Place the sponge upright with the binder clip at the bottom.  This will allow waster to drain away from your sponge and minimalize mildew and bacteria growth and give your sponge a longer life.

SOURCE: Kitchn

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