Big Toe Heels

September 3, 2019

© Алексей Корнеев | Dreamstime


There are plenty of bizarre footwear trends out there, including but certainly not limited to fish flops, octopus shoes and even Crocs. But now, a new pair of "ugly shoes" have arrived on the fashion scene that are called "Big Toe Heels." Essentially the closed-toe shoe covers all your toes, except the big one! They made their debut at last year's Paris Fashion Show and they don't just separate your big toe from the rest of the piggies. They single it out! You can find them on Zappos and H&M as well as high-end shoemaker's designer windows. Perhaps the perfect pair of shoes that compliment your toe strap sandal, so your biggest toe on your foot can continue to get its solo attention as the weather cools!

SOURCE: Refinery29

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