The Sexiest Accent In The World

May 1, 2019

© Diana Opryshko | Dreamstime

It is said that French is the language of love but when it comes to sexiness, English with a New Zealand accent is tops!  According to the travel website, Big 7, which polled its 1.5 million readers, the New Zealand accent is the sexiest on planet earth, which they said is outrageously charming. The South African accent came in a close second  with its "unique tone and Saffa slang," followed by the Irish accent, Italian and Australian, which is different than a New Zealand accent) rounding out the top 5. The harsh vowels of the Scottish accent came in 6th with French, the incredibly fast Spanish, southern USA at ninth and strong accent with Italian influences of Brazilian Portuguese rounding out the top 10. Clear, clipped and completely posh, the Queen’s English landed 12th on the list. Canadians, with their subtle vowels and "eh" are 13th, America’s most imitated and parodied accents, Boston is 28th, Scouse or Liverpool English 32nd and the New York accent makes the cut at 44th.

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SOURCE: Big 7 Travel

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