Two Words That Should Make You Shop For A Home Elsewhere

August 28, 2019



Buying a house can be a tricky game.  Are you getting the best deal? Are there any hidden pitfalls?  Will you like it this time next year?  While all of those concerns are valid, if you come across a home that is being sold "as is," keep looking.  The real estate phrase refers to purchasing a home in the exact condition it is in without mandating that the sellers make certain enhancements or repairs (or offer a discount in lieu of making them) before handing over the key. That means there will be no negotiation when it comes to fixing or paying for even the smallest item and can make an already stressful task even more so. If you're okay with buying a home in the exact condition you toured it, be sure you're aware of any additional repairs it may need and feel comfortable footing that bill on top of your budget for buying the home itself.  

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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