Tomato Tests For The Perfect BLT

August 15, 2019

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No other three letters in the alphabet create such a mouth-watering response as B-L-T! The Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich is a beautiful thing and while there isn't much debate about the bacon or lettuce used, there are several tomato options on the market. So a few foodies decided to take up the task in comparing a beefsteak, Heirloom and fried green tomatoes on a BLT. The results of eh taste test found that beefsteak, although less juicy than Heirloom, had the right acidity and sturdy texture in relation to iceberg lettuce and crisp bacon to keep the bread from becoming soggy. But to up your BLT game, aim for the Heirloom. Hands down it is the winner for taste with just enough sweetness and flavor to quickly outshine the salty bacon, toasted bread and creamy mayonnaise! A tip is to aim for a purple or deep-red Heirloom as it contains more acids than the yellow/orange varieties. However if you have the time to fry up some green tomatoes, they can add some zing. Fried green tomato slices are crispy, tangy, with a nice lemony taste. It’s a great partner for bacon and mayo, subtle but still zingy enough to assert its presence. The greenness of their flavor actually lent a more garden-like essence to the sandwich.

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SOURCE: The Takeout

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