When And How To Deliver Constructive Criticism

September 20, 2018

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Constructive criticism is one of the necessary evils of the workplace. No one likes to give it and certainly no one revels in receiving it, and yet it’s a crucial component of growth in our careers and in life. Besides picking just the right words, there's a right time of the day, according to researchers.  They say the best time of the day to give constructive criticism is in the morning. That's because it si when a person's self-regulation and self-control are at their highest; the two behaviors associated with accepting negative feedback. That doesn’t mean waiting for your coworker or employee by the door as they walk in in the morning, but you might schedule a meeting earlier in the day so that you catch them when they’re most receptive. Also be perceptive as to the person you are giving that feedback to.  Did they just lose a client? Perhaps their child is sick.   If so, wait a day or two before the feedback session. One final way to make constructive criticism more palatable: Bookend it with a positive statement or two.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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