Best Parking Lot Practices For Black Friday

November 19, 2019

There's a good chance your Black Friday shopping plans will take you to the mall. Of course, your shopping competition will also make a trip to the mall, which means the parking lot will be pretty full. So what do you do when it comes to finding a spot? Do you grab the first one you see, or drive as close to the mall as you can and hover? Or, do you choose a tactic that lies somewhere between? Parking has long taxed the minds of engineers but after a three year study on the subject, scientists have gotten closer to a winning strategy. They tested three models of parking spot finding.  The "Meek Strategy," whereas a driver parks at the first open space they see, however distant it is from the mall. The "Prudent Strategy," where the driver loops around the lot and takes the closest spot to the entrance as possible, no matter how long it takes. The "Optimistic Strategy" is a mix of both previous, whereas the driver first seeks out a spot closest to the entrance. But after a lap or two, settles for the first available. In the experiments, the prudent strategy fared best, followed closely by the optimistic strategy. The meek strategy finished last. The more crowded the lot, the better the prudent strategy work (circling until you find a close spot). The researchers says their experiment doesn't take into consideration competition among a sea of drivers all looking for parking spaces at the same time, and it doesn’t include (perhaps optimistically) the psychological aspects of operating a vehicle.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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