Chores For Kids At Any Age

May 22, 2019

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Since the dawn of time, children have been tasked with helping their parents on what have become chores. Having children do chores is not just an efficient way to get it all done; it’s an integral part of raising happy, confident children who become productive and conscientious members of their generation. So while many say to "start 'em young," there ae things to consider when implementing an all-hands-on-deck culture in your own family. Child experts say to start by giving them chores they want to help with when they're really little. Toddlers are eager to “help,” such as taking dishes to the sink, wiping up spills, throw trash in the can and even vacuum with you using their toy vacuum. The important thing is this: Even if it’s easier to occupy your young children in some other way while you get housework done, tapping into their natural propensity to learn by doing (and doing it themselves) will pay off in the long run. As they age to preschoolers, let them help with things that they perceive as tasks “big people” do, such as feeding pets, put dirty clothes in the washer/switch them to the dryer, straighten up pillows on couches and chairs and even make beds. As kids enter elementary school give your children chores that are challenging but still within their ability to accomplish. Psychologists call this the zone of proximal development and describe it as tasks that a learner can perform with the guidance and encouragement of someone more knowledgeable, like you. Loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, mopping, light yard work and vacuuming can be ways to teach them how to properly handle the tasks. Finally as your children become young adults, their chores should be at a point of perfection. The life lessons of adulthood with your supervision means their chores can be vital, such as cooking dinner, heavier yard work and deep cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. Be sure to point out and emphasize how nice everything looks and how calm everything feels once the chore is done to really drive the point home.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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