The Best Age To Make A Career Change

August 22, 2018


While many people often think about a career change, finding the courage to switch your job at any age is tricky. There are better times to make the switch then others and while there is not really a best age to change jobs, head hunters say the majority of job changes occur to those in their 30s straight after the arrival of their kids.  However there is a big spike in those aged 45 to 55, most likely due to their children being grown. If you're thinking of a career change it is important to be realistic in the goals.  While the grass may seem better on the other side, even the perfect job is only around 80% perfect, meaning the reasons you may want to leave your current career may follow you to the new one. When it comes to actually changing jobs, your research should start generally and end up more specific. Start with general information on the industry or profession and gain reliable data and information, and follow this up with individual conversations with different people who have different perspectives.  Consider working with a career development practitioner who can help you find options and give you clues on how to transition in a way that works for you.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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