Being Too Smart Or Good-Looking Is A Turnoff For Many Women

August 24, 2018


Showing off your knowledge might seem like a good idea when trying to impress a woman. But men deemed too clever or too handsome are actually more likely to be turned down by their potential partner! However men prefer women with brains and good looks! That's the finding of a recent study that found women want some intelligence in a man, but having too much is a turnoff. Researchers asked hundreds of people what they found attractive in a potential romantic partner. Participants rated four qualities such as good looks, cleverness, kindness and being easy-going. Overall women said a partner would be more attractive if they were more intelligent than 90% of the population. However, attractiveness decreased if the person was more intelligent than 99% of the population. The same drop-off was seen for physical attractiveness and being easy-going. As for the guys, they were not put off by extreme levels of intelligence or good looks. The study authors concluded that while there are thresholds in good traits when it comes to love but you can have too much of a good thing.  The results were published in the British Journal of Psychology.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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