How To Beat The Binge-Watch Blues

January 22, 2019


Your heart skips a beat because you just got an email stating your favorite TV show has been posted up on Netflix. Or perhaps a recommendation turns out to be a gem and you spend the next few hours of days watching every episode.  Eventually, as quickly as it began, it's over. All those hours and days in the show's company are done. Some would describe it as painful as ending a love relationship, but why? In short, while binging, our minds blur the lines between reality and what we are watching, which adds stress. So the advice many people offer to those who have lost a loved pet holds true for binge-watching.  Finding another show, which will give you something else to focus on.  Perhaps switch from a deep drama show to a light-hearted comedy. Bringing with a friend can help the blues too. Watching a show with a friend allows you to talk about it with hem and therefore alleviate the angst. Finally consider starting a shat room or group of fans of the show so you can share the experience with them. That community not only groups you with those with similar interests but you may find new friends from it. It works for books, why not Netflix?

SOURCE: The List Show TV

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