Butt Beauty Masks Pamper Your Derriere

May 7, 2019

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We spend millions of dollars collectively each year on skin treatments for our faces, necks, feet and overall skin.  But we rarely spend time pampering our butts, so says the creator of Bawdy Beauty, a line of butt beauty masks. Coming in two parts, the masks are perfectly shaped to cover the area, with four variants available: Shake It, a firming and illuminating marine algae butt mask, Slap It, a retexturing and detoxifying mask with caffeine, Bite It, a hydrating and toning one with plant-based collagen, and Squeeze It, a brightening and rejuvenating version with citrus. While the beauty industry is oversaturated with skincare products that are designed to keep your face looking younger and firmer, there are very few choices for the rest of our skin including the derriere. Bawdy Beauty sells each Earth-friendly butt mask for $9 and can be purchased online.

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