Your Bathroom Scale Is Lying To You About Your Weight

August 17, 2018

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You've got a liar in your home.  More specifically it is in your bathroom.  But believe it or not, the weight your bathroom scale displays is very likely to be totally wrong. While there has been a cry from the public for years that bathroom scales were inaccurate, it turns out to be a very accurate statement.  Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done with home bathroom scales. It's because the modern bathroom scale is based on the ‘spring balance’ method invented by Richard Salter in 1770.  It contain a spring, attached by levers and a pulley that moves a needle on a dial.  The spring compresses when you stand on it causing the needle to move. Why the scale is off is due to a few things.  First, most scales are mass produced and the quality of them vary depending on the manufacturer.  Next are the small parts inside the scale.  Since most are in the bathroom where differences in heat and humidity are occurring on a daily basis, the parts inside the scale begin to deteriorate, bend, stretch or even rust, which all can provide you inaccurate weight information.  Digital scales fair a bit better in the accuracy department.  They use lasers that bend to sensors when you stand on them, making them more accurate. However there is still a metal spring inside that can deteriorate, rust or bend over time. Scientists are experimenting with radiation, atoms and wavelengths of light for the next generation of accurate bathroom scales. However they haven’t been able to improve on the electronic variety so far. The best advice for all bathroom scales is to not keep them in the bathroom.  The variously temperatures and humidity changes is the enemy.  Keep your scale in an area of your home that has a consistent temperature, on a hard surface and out of sunlight. Always weigh yourself at the same time of day, ideally first thing in the morning when you’re at your lightest. And as for the most accurate weight measurement, well that's at your doctor's office which use scales that are verified by trading standards and regularly serviced.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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