Refresher Course On Cleaning The Bathroom

November 7, 2018

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With just over two weeks until Thanksgiving, time is running short in preparing the holiday menu, let alone give your home the proper cleaning for arriving guests. Probably eh room that gets the most cleaning attention is the bathroom. Besides guests arriving, there may be some cleaning mistakes you have been doing for years that need to be addressed.  For instance, your toilet brush.  You scrub it using cleaning solution and once completed, swiftly return it to the toilet brush holder.  So your brush never thoroughly dries and usually is submerged in dirty water that drips from the bristles. Try this handy trick.  Once finished with the brush, sandwich the handle between the toilet and the seat, with the bristles side over the bowl and let it drip dry. Cleaning the seams sounds like a laundry item but it's the places where faucets meet the counter, the counter meets the wall, the drain plug sits in the sink, the tub meets the wall, and any other part where vertical and horizontal surfaces meet. Grime collects in these spots if you don't hit them with a spritz of cleaner and a cleaning brush regularly. If you can't remember or ever remember washing your shower curtain and liner, then it's overdue. The plastic liner can harbor mold and bacteria.  Toss it into the washing machine with a little bleach or vinegar. Remember that your hair tools needs cleaning from time to time as oils and hair products can build up.  Scrub them with a few drops of shampoo on a small cleaning brush (like your detail brush or an old toothbrush relegated to cleaning duty) before rinsing in warm water. Finally as annoying as it can get, leave the fan on.  Bathrooms are filled with hot, humid air daily and that promotes mold and mildew growth. Using the fan every single time you take a shower, and running it for a while after you leave the room, can drastically reduce this risk. Or invest in a small portable dehumidifier you can keep a safe distance from your wet spaces (electronics and water don't mix). Turn it on before you get in the shower, and leave it running for 20 minutes after you get out, then you can drain the water reservoir right into your shower or sink.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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