Tips On Avoiding Dating Burnout

August 9, 2019


Dating is exhausting! The outfits, the conversations, the emotional rollercoaster of know if they are the one!  It's can be a jumble of nerves but putting yourself out there is key to eventually finding someone you connect with. So, how can you date around without burning yourself out? First, space out your dates. Don’t schedule back-to-back dates on the same day or even within the same week. Give yourself from breathing room. Make sure you don't immediately say, "yes." When someone you are in to asks if you are free tonight, you might be tempted to respond with an immediate, “I’d love to!" But this might lead to a hastily-planned date that stresses you out. Only accept dates when it’s going to be good for you, not just because someone asks you and not just because you have a free evening. Keep living your best life. To keep yourself from feeling like dating is taking over your brain, spend time pursuing hobbies and friendships that bring you joy. Finally date yourself! Yes it sounds cheesy, but you’re really the only person you can count on to make yourself happy. So schedule a “spiritual date” with yourself from time to time. Everyone’s ideal dating routine is going to be different, but the key is establishing boundaries so you don’t get too disheartened. Take breaks when you need them, and don't be afraid to speak up for yourself in the process. Finding love does take work, but you can always have fun along the way.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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