How To Spot Fake Guacamole

August 9, 2019

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Some fake products are easy to spot.  Then there is fake guacamole.  Yes, there is an imposter that some restaurants are serving to unsuspecting customers as guacamole and they're hoping you won't notice. Soaring avocado prices, which have nearly doubled since last year, have caused restaurants across the country to replace the most crucial ingredient of the Mexican spread with a substitute. Calabacita, or Mexican summer squash, has a slightly sweeter flavor compared to zucchini but can taste just like guacamole made from avocados. In fact, you may prefer it but if you notice your guacamole seems thinner, more of a watery texture than normal, most likely its Mexican summer squash. It's a creative way to feed the demand for the popular fruit. While some restaurants have resorted to this alternative, other restaurants have had to eliminate avocado dishes from their menu. Others are charging more to cover the rising cost of the produce.

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