Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Getting Smaller

November 20, 2019

© Eugene Bochkarev | Dreamstime


Every Thanksgiving you must decide how big to go with your bird. If you are like most Americans, you will opt for a medium-sized bird regardless of how many people will be at the dinner table. 58% of respondents who were in charge of buying or cooking the bird said they will choose a turkey that is 18 pounds or smaller this year. It continues the trend of smaller turkeys that averaged 25 pounds in 1999 and 30lbs in 2013. The survey found that nearly half of Americans (49%) say it’s important their Thanksgiving turkey be organic, a figure even higher among the millennial subset at 62%. While the trend for smaller turkey is due in part to smaller family sizes, the main reason is to make room for the sides.  Only 24% of people surveyed said they reserve half their plate for turkey. Three-quarters of Americans prefer starchy sides, with stuffing (35%), mashed potatoes (24%) and sweet potatoes (16%) ranking as the top three favorites. As for preparation, roasting remains the most popular, followed by smoked and deep fried.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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