Avengers: Endgame Pee Breaks Without Spoilers

April 29, 2019

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Avengers: Endgame blew away box office receipts over the weekend, with an estimated $350 million in domestic ticket sales and $1.2 billion globally. While being hugely popular, it's is a long movie at three hours and two minutes.  A few weeks ago we introduced you to an app called Runpee, which alerts users of when to make a break for the bathroom without missing too much of the movie storyline. With the app, you can let it know when the movie starts, and then it will let you know through a gentle vibration when you have time to pop out for a quick bathroom break. However you may get some disapproving looks from your fellow movie goers, so Gamespot has posted three potential pee breaks for Avengers; Endgame, with no spoilers. Pee break #1 comes during about act two, after the team returns to the Avengers compound. Again, we're trying to stay as vague as possible here, but when you hear the phrase "Test no. 1" with the characters preparing to do a bunch of science stuff, you're pretty safe. You'll miss a couple of fun jokes, but nothing in this moment is essential to what happens afterward. Pee break #2 is also in act two when the Avengers start leaving for the "missions" that have been teased in the trailers. The final pee break comes during the final act. Amidst the superhero antics, you'll get a chance when things calm down for a moment. When you see a portal open followed by a...let's say recognizable line from Captain America, you'll be able to slip away during the ensuing action scene--but only if you really, really have to go. It's a desperate time for a desperate measure.

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SOURCE: Gamespot

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