Birth Order May Determine Where You Live As An Adult

May 8, 2019

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There has been a lot of observations and research in siblings and how birth order results in lifetime habits.  One expert decided to look at brothers and sisters in how they pick places to live and start their own families. Dr. Kevin Leman, the author of “The Birth Order Book,” says firstborns are more likely to look for neatness and orderliness where they live. The eldest of siblings generally tend to be leaders and perfectionists who are flaw pickers. They’re going to notice paint chips on the walls or dirty rugs. The eldest sibling tends to have higher levels of anxiety as well, resulting from being under the watchful eye of anxious first-time parents. For this, they’re also likely to prefer places that offer both independence and solitude, such as on top of a hill or a fairly private neighborhood where they can observe the surroundings safely. The oldest tend to consider themselves responsible for taking the initiative and taking care of others, which means they are fairly close to home, so that they can help the family whenever that’s needed. While the oldest wants things neat and orderly in their home, the middle child isn’t as particular. Middle children are more likely to be practical in deciding where to live, but will be able to live just about anywhere. An only child will tend to share the same characteristics s the eldest sibling. Middle children might also be more flexible about who they live with, since they’re used to being surrounded by others. That means they may be more willing to share a condo with friends or choose a neighborhood that provides great opportunities to socialize than the eldest or youngest. Middle children may be drawn to densely populated cities. The youngest sibling is used to being around family members may prefer more of a community environment when picking a home. The youngest might feel the need to differentiate themselves. So maybe they’re likely to find them in a communal-living building somewhere a little out of the way to feed the need to be social and outgoing.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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