Are Sports Drinks Best When Hydrating After A Good Sweat?

August 17, 2018

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It is so important to stay hydrated as it regulates body temperature, allows your heart to work more efficiently, prevents headaches and muscle fatigue, aids digestion, and even boosts your mood. But it doesn't take much for our bodies to become dehydrated, from a great workout to simply being outside in the Florida heat.  The good news is mild dehydration caused by sweating can be treated with a simple glass (or two) of water.  While you may want to go above plain old water for added benefits offered in sports drinks, you may be returning all those calories you worked hard to burn with just one bottle! Yes, sports drinks they do contain electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, which are lost in the sweating process and it does sound like a good idea to replace them.  But also in sports drinks are a lot of carbohydrates in the form of sugar. So for person who weighs 150 pounds and burned 150 calories over 30 manures on a brisk walk outside, downing a 16oz bottle of a sports drink will return over a 100 of those calories, when 16 oz of water with zero calories would be just as effective in rehydrating. So how about water with added vitamins? Again sounds good but there is no need to replenish vitamins just because it’s hot out or you went for a run. An added concern is that if you drink a lot of these, you run the risk of overloading on vitamins, especially if you take a multivitamin and/or eat vitamin-fortified foods. Also, read labels; some products are full of sugars.  Natural waters like coconut, maple and cactus also sounds good on paper and while they are technically healthier than a sports drink because they are all natural, the do contain natural sugars and can be as costly as sports drinks. SO if you want to rehydrate but find plain water boring, try adding some sliced fruit, such as strawberries, lemon, cucumber or orange to a glass or pitcher of water. Just remember that dehydration in children, the elderly and anyone who is sick should be treated with advice derived from a doctor.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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