A Better Way To Sell Your Furniture Ans Home Decor

March 29, 2019

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Spring cleaning might involve a furnishings refresh this year. While the idea of getting new home decor can be exciting, what to do with your current decor can be stressful. While Craigslist is a platform we're all aware of, there are more refined and specialized apps that can perhaps be a better way to buy or sell furniture and home decor.  Charish is one of these apps.  For upper-end furniture and antiques, this app has a carefully curated selection hand-picked by the team, meaning your pieces will need to be approved before being posted for sale.  However the strict vetting process ensures your items won't be on sale for long.  Letgo is the largest and fastest-growing app for buying and selling clothes, cars, home decor. A very easy and streamlined selling process by letting you post items for free and offering tips for making your listing shine. Letgo also has a “Free Stuff” section so you can donate your stuff. 5Miles uses your location as a selling factor. After you add a photo and enter a short description, the app will use your phone’s location to show your listing to nearby buyers. Once you have some interested buyers, you can chat with them through 5Miles’ secured chat. And for those who feel an auction is the best (and fastest) way to sell, there's Everything But The House (EBTH), where staffers will appraise the piece, write description, and post them on EBTH’s auctions. Bidders can use the EBTH app to bid, and once your item is sold, you’ll receive a portion of the sale. Finally the source in which thiss tory was found has a legit app too!  Apartment Therapy Bazaar is an online marketplace where design lovers can buy or sell chairs, lamps, and so much more.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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