iPhones Will Soon Be Able To Silence Spam Calls From Interrupting Your Day

June 10, 2019


Perhaps a good reason to update your iPhone once the new iOS 13 software update arrives.  Apple announced a new feature that that should make it more difficult for spammers to reach you. Activate 'Silence unknown callers' and when a spammer calls your phone, Siri will automatically route them to voicemail. It uses Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and Messages, so you will still get calls from the people you want and not from a scammer. The developers say it will also work when you are using the phone and instead of the standard screen notification that occurs with an incoming call, users can continue to use their iPhone uninterrupted. Apple isn't the first phonemaker to launch an anti-spam feature. Last October, Google launched a feature with the Pixel 3 that lets users screen spam calls. It uses Google Assistant to screen for spammers and then transcribes the call onscreen so that users can determine whether or not the caller is legit. Last year, approximately 48 billion robocalls were placed just in the United States, which marks a nearly 60 percent increase from 2017. Look for the new feature to be one of many in the iOS 13 update due out sometime this fall.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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