App Uses Photo Of Food TO Recommend Recipes For Preparing

August 20, 2018


It is easy to get into the dinner rut.  Preparing the same meals over and over can bore your taste buds to sleep.  But there is some help via the free PixFood app for Apple (iOS) and Android and it is beyond easy to use.  Simply snap a photo of a food and the artificial intelligence will make recipe recommendations based on that food! For instance, pic of raspberries might suggest smoothies or a pie. A photo of a tomato might bring up a marinara recipe. It can be a lifesaver when you notice a particular food item on sale yet have no idea how to prepare it. The recipes within the app also often include step-by-step videos to help you through the food preparation process. Of course you could search the Internet yourself for recipes but who has time for that?

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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