App Simplifies Package Delivery Tracking

August 2, 2018

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It is comical that occasionally a package is delivered to only have the package tracking software alert you a day later that it was delivered.  While there are mail tracking apps for the Post office, Fedex and UPS, many times you may not know which of these four services is delivering your goods.  The app, Arrive, aims to simplify package tracking. Currently only available for iOS (Apple) devices that use a Gmail email account, the app scans your incoming Gmail account for tracking numbers on your digital receipts. It’ll pull up any and all tracking numbers it can find.  A package that’s on the way will automatically show up with a map indicating its current location, and you can tap the delivery’s “card” to learn more about its status. It will even take your already delivered items and place them in a "past deliveries" section for reference. Arrive can send your device a notification every time there’s a shipping update for anything you’ve ordered. If you don’t want to give another app access to your email then you’ll have to use a different service and enter in your tracking numbers manually to connect with the app through a more secure feature. It’s more secure, but a lot less convenient. The Arrive Package Tracker app is free and available at iTunes.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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